About Brag About My Site: How It Works

Brag About My Site is the social search engine. Get ranked by how many votes and social media shares are performed with your website or Facebook page.

All types of websites and social media pages are able to be listed. The more votes and social media shares, the higher. Just like Google, rankings are based on an algorithm. The algorithm uses different actions including visits to website profile page on Brag About My Site, social media shares, votes and more. Not all actions are counted equally in the algorithm, but the interactions, the better the rankings. Rankings change periodically, but are also reset periodically to level the playfield and to give all new websites a chance to rank high. Just because your website is new, it does not mean that you will always be at the bottom of the list as compared to websites that have been listed earlier with a higher ranking.

New interactions will be introduced into the algorithm such as 5-star voting and other interactions.

Go ahead and list your website. We will list your website as soon as our editorial staff approves it!

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