How Are Votes Counted?

There are many factors and different factors carry weight more than others. Brag About My Site has a terms of service policy which includes restrictions for gaming the system. As a result, votes are scored from 1 to 50 depending on the weight of the criteria. Factors depend¬†how many votes the website is receiving every hour as well as the voter’s location, day of year, speed of the website receiving the vote, number of social media likes, etc.

Voters can vote for as many websites as they like once per day per website, so for instance, voting for 3 different websites once per day will register several voting points for each of those websites, but only once per day for each of those websites will score a high amount of points.

The “vote count”¬†policy is always evolving and is subject to change at any time with or without notice. The “vote count” policy changes at the discretion of the Brag About My Site moderator team.

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