Thank You For Submitting Your Vote!

Your vote counts, but is also checked for validity. Not all votes are equal. You can only vote for each website once per day.

Come back every day to cast your votes for the website or social media page that you just voted for!

How are votes counted?

There are many factors and different factors carry weight more than others. As a result, votes are scored from 1 to 50 depending on the weight of the criteria. Factors depend how many votes the website is receiving every hour as well as the voter’s location, day of year, speed of the website, number of social media likes, etc.

I just voted and it did not improve the website’s rankings. Why is this happening?

Votes are not processed immediately, but are processed several times per day. Also, the criteria affecting the votes are also taken into consideration as well as other websites that are receiving votes as well. Check back often to see if the website has moved up (or down) in the voting ranks.

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